What is the method of obtaining a university card (new / lost)?

A new university card for new students requires attendance at the admission and registration building, the Inquiry Department, and a personal photo.

Issuing a replacement card for a lost card requires paying a fee (50 riyals) via a transfer to the account of the Deanship of Student Affairs Al-Rajhi

​​ And bring the payment form from the Deanship of Student Affairs to the Information Department in the Admission and Registration Building.

What is the way to remove the party from the university?

The party releases the regular to print the form through the electronic service, and in case the service is closed, the form is printed from the files section of the Deanship of Admission and Registration For the irregular, the form can be printed through the Deanship of Distance Education.​

How to create an email and an account on the university network?

Reviewing the Deanship of Personnel Affairs and faculty members to update the data, making sure of the correct mobile number, then a text message with the user name and password will be received.​