The President of the University of Bisha, the transition to the three-semester system contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

His Excellency the President of Bisha University Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Mohsen Safhi confirmed that the transition to the three-semester system came in response to development requirements, and as a contribution to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and the objectives of the human capacity development program, and in response to the needs of future jobs.
Dr. Safhi said that the University of Bisha has worked on studying the transformation of this system since it was announced by the Ministry of Education, and discussed mechanisms and developed plans and programs in order for the transformation to take place efficiently, in a manner that serves the educational process, students and faculty members, and achieves optimum benefit from this system, noting that the new system It aims to bridge the gap between the outputs and the requirements of the labor market, raise the efficiency of graduates, enhance the efficiency of the educational system and increase competitiveness, as well as the optimal investment of the days of the academic year, educational resources, and raising learning outcomes, which will reflect positively on the outputs.
The President of Bisha University expressed his confidence that all university employees will contribute to the system achieving its desired goals. In order to achieve the aspirations of our dear country to reach the educational outputs to international levels.​