The Head of Department’s word:

The Department of Educational Technology (TdoET.) is one of the leading departments in the College of Education at The University of Bisha (TuoB.) due to its advanced academic programs that are compatible with modern aspirations, whether at the level of master's programs, higher diploma programs or at the bachelor's level, as it is one of the most important departments supporting all disciplines due to its handling of all the technologies required by the university professor in education and the skills, knowledge and trends associated with technology, as well as the learner needs to be able to adapt the new trends with education systems’ developments, and keep pace with National trends aimed at making learner a leading role model. 

The Department has made great leaps represented by obtaining the recent programmatic accreditation for the Master of Education programs in Educational Technology. in addition, to being able to obtain external partnerships through which the department has achieved many achievements, the latest of which was obtaining three professional certificates from the eLearning National Center, and this is a great progress to achieve the goals of the ambitious vision of the country 2030.

The Department of Educational Technologies is full of qualified scientific members in the most prominent Arab and international universities, which enabled the department to achieve high efficiency in production, and an elaborate level of academic performance. All these have become with the unlimited support of the officials in the Presidency of the University of Bisha, and the Deanship of the College of Education who placed their trust in this department in appreciation of the importance of its academic and value achievements inside the university and outside.

Since the passion is still wild, and giving is just begun; the department will not stand at the achievements that has been accomplished yet; as the success partners of the members in the department intend to seek more and propose some other programs, that consistent with modern aspirations, consistent with the requirements of the future, and directed to multiple segments of society that have not been targeted before, in the hope of achieving everything for those seeking skills, and cognitive development and find their desire.
We ask Allah to guide us to the right path.

The Head  of Department:
Prof/ عامر مترك المعاوي
Department Vision
Excellence and leadership in the field of preparing academic and professional specialists, in accordance with quality standards in the field of educational technology, to meet the requirements of the continuous development of the needs of the business market, and effective participation in research activities and community service.
Providing educational opportunities in the field of educational technology to prepare qualified national competencies that meet the needs of the labor market through strategic planning for its academic programs, research activities and services to the local community, in a way that contributes to building a knowledge economy.

Master Degree in Educational Technologies:
Program Objectives:​

 Qualifying national cadres in the field of educational and e-learning technology and their various applications, to meet the requirements of the transformation initiative towards digital education, which seeks to achieve the National Transformation Plan 2030.
 Conducting scientific research in the field of educational technology that are applicable to contribute to improving the educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation and serving the educational community and meeting its needs.
 Closing the needs of the business market with distinguished competencies capable of contributing in areas that require educational technology skills in different sectors.

Program Mission:​
Preparing distinguished competencies in the field of educational technology and providing community partnerships and effective applied research in a way that improves society and contributes to building the knowledge economy in light of the transition to a digital learning environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.
Specifications of the program’s graduates:
 Represents Islamic values, national constants, digital citizenship values, and professional ethics.
 Competencies of using technology in education (cognitive / skill / emotional).
 Ability to apply scientific research skills in the field of educational technologies.
 The ability to self-learning continuously and cope with scientific developments.
 The ability to think scientifically to solve problems in different educational situations.
 Leading teams in the field of educational technology projects efficiently and professionally.
 Innovating technical solutions - non-traditional - for voluntarily work in the community and contributing to their application.

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