Academic and Student Counselling Unit

​​​Unit Tasks:

  1. Disseminating the culture and importance of academic guidance.
  2. Hold an induction meeting with new faculty members to familiarize them with the school's study system and guidance mechanism.
  3. Organization of a mentoring meeting at the beginning of each semester each year to familiarize new students with university life, the regulations, the college, its system, nature, divisions and functional areas.
  4. Provision of guidance tools and aids by the University's sources and delivery to academic guides
  5. The University Manual/College Manual/Study Regulation/Student Discipline Regulation/Student Fund Regulation/Academic and Student Guidance Manual/Student Affairs Deanship Manual/Admission and Registration Manual include copies of admission and registration forms/Copies of guidance forms.
  6. Urge students to review and meet the academic guide during the announced office hours.
  7. Contribute to solving students' psychosocial problems and, where necessary, be raised to spe​cialized bodies.
  8. Organizing courses, training sessions, workshops and lectures to teach students some skills and to prepare college students for tests and issue guidebooks.
  9. Preparation of a report containing the work of the unit and submitted to the Dean of the College.