Department ov​erview:

The Department of Biology was established within a range of other departments in the Faculty of Science and Arts by the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 7/5/1428 H, which is crowned with high approval No. 3030/B and the date of 23/3/1428H. In 1437-1438, the Faculty of Science and Arts was restructured to become the Biology Department within the scientific departments under the College of Science


Pioneering in biological sciences and its applications to build a creative knowledge system for a productive society.


To prepare qualified students in biological science by providing a distinctive educational curriculum that is in line with the needs of the labor market, promoting scientific research, and effectively contributing to community service.​

​Program Goals:

  1. Provide the program students with biological science that met the requirements of the labor market.

  2. Develop students' practical skills in the field of animal and plant sciences, as well as microbiology.

  3. Enhancing students' abilities in teamwork, effective communication, and engaging in scientific research in the field of biological sciences.

  4. Enhance community involvement by delivering suitable education and counseling services.​


​Creativity- Competitiveness- Perfection- Responsibility- Team spirit