Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon His prophet. After that, I am honored to welcome you. I hope you will find in these pages the information you are looking for about the department, its mission, objectives, and its educational, research, and service activities. Guided by a global and comprehensive perspective on the field of physics, the department strives to enhance the level of education and scientific research by offering academic programs and research plans aligned with the mission of the college and the university, contributing to the realization of the leading vision of the kingdom.
Physics is considered one of the most important sciences that form the basis for scientific and technological progress in the modern era. It seeks to understand the nature of the universe and the phenomena that occur within it, and to develop theories that explain these phenomena accurately and scientifically. From the search for elementary particles to galaxies and giant stars, the science of physics is concerned with a fundamental question: "How do things work?" Over the course of three centuries, scientists laid the foundations of classical physics, and by the twentieth century, we witnessed a tremendous change in our understanding of the world with the emergence of quantum mechanics and relativity theory, followed by developments in materials physics and nuclear physics. This tremendous leap in modern physics theories has had the greatest contribution to the prosperity and comfort we experience today. Among the most important applications of physics are electronic applications such as computers, mobile phones, and communications, as well as renewable energy applications such as nuclear reactors, solar cells, wind energy, and generators, not to mention medical applications such as various diagnostic radiations like X-rays, MRI, gamma cameras, and therapies such as radiation therapy, ultrasound, laser, and military uses. This is just an example and cannot be exhaustive. In conclusion, we wish you an enjoyable tour of our pages and an exploration of the physics program and research output of the department.
 Department Head: Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Baset Hassan
The Department of physics was established within a series of other departments in the College of Science and Arts by the Council of Higher Education No. 7/5/1428 H. It was crowned with high approval No.3030/B. On April 3, 2014, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud ordered to establish the University of Bisha. The Faculty of Science and Arts was restructured by His Exce​llency the Rector No. 36365/4/58 to become an independent College of science, including the Department of Physics (male and female students).
.Pioneering in building physical knowledge in community through distinguished education
Providing quality education and producing innovative research in the physics field that serves the community by creating a stimulating environment for learning and creativity and building bridges of partnership with community institutions.
  1. Achieving excellence in education, scientific research, and service the community.
  2. Develop ways to ensure the quality of education.
  3. Establishing effective partnerships locally and globally with universities and relevant segments of community.
​Perfection - Competitiveness - Creativity