About The Department

​This section was established in 1422-1423 h as one of the departments of the Faculty of Education for Girls according to the study plan set for science bachelor and education in chemistry. Then the study plan for obtaining a bachelor's degree in science was implemented in 1432-1433 H.

​The Department provides educational services to a number of colleges in the university: Engineering, Health Sciences, and Computer Sciences & information. The Department includes many faculty members with distinguished academic experience, male and female. The Department organizes each year a number of scientific activities that include many seminars and specialized courses that strengthen the relationship between the Department and the two sectors, the industrial and education.


A chemical knowledge system that contributes to the development of society and scientific research.


Excellence and leadership in chemical sciences through a knowledge system within the Department, based on outstanding scientific research, and meet the needs of the labor market in partnership with the community, through graduates with accredited standards.


  1. Contribute to the provision of science and knowledge by conducting and encouraging basic scientific research, and meeting the Kingdom's needs of various scientific and applied research and studies.

  2. Spreading scientific and technical culture through conferences, courses and seminars in order to contribute to raising the cultural and technological level of society.

  3. Providing scientific and technical services in various scientific fields for the public and private sectors, and conducting the necessary studies and consultations using the scientific capabilities and energies in the Department.

  4. Graduating scientifically qualified chemists who can do work in all laboratories for organic, inorganic, analytical, dynamic, physical and industrial chemistry branches with high competencies through advanced department programs and using modern techniques in order to develop human resources in Saudi Arabia in various fields of chemistry.

  5. Support students and faculty members to conduct research and studies, especially applied ones, and develop the academic process.

  6. Providing the necessary academic and scientific frameworks to cover the need of the community of the workforce and work to complete the national faculty.

  7. Training and developing cadres and workers in the field of chemical laboratories and methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis and attracting outstanding students academically.

  8. Providing students with values and ideals and preparing generations with high potential and a strong base on which to base a knowledge-based economy.

  9. Closer relations with academic, scientific and technological bodies and centers inside and outside the Kingdom.

  10. Meet the requirements for academic accreditation.


Collaboration - Excellence - Competitiveness - Mastery - Innovation