Establishment of the department.

​The Department of Environmental Sciences was established as one of the departments of the College of Science based on the decision of the Council of University Affairs No. (2/12/45) approving the comprehensive structure of (24) universities subject to the system of the Council of Higher Education and Universities issued by Royal Decree No. (M/8) dated 4/ 6/1417 AH and the letter of His Excellency the Secretary General of the University Affairs Council No. (4500305289) dated 03/12/1445 AH containing the comprehensive academic structure of the university.


Excellence, leadership and creativity in environmental sciences locally, regionally and globally.


Providing a high-quality educational program to prepare competent and creative graduates in environmental sciences.


1. Creating an environment conducive to teaching environmental sciences with high quality

2. Creating the opportunity for students to learn sciences and skills that qualify them to engage in all fields of environmental sciences

3. Building a culture of scientific research and strengthening relations with society.