Environment Week 2022

Environment Week

On the occasion of the Environment Week, the College of Science held a series of events to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. Under the heading of "Our Environment, Our Lives", the events were opened by Dr. Eid Al-Osaimi, Vice Dean for Educational Affairs.

​Then the activities began with a lecture on plastic pollution delivered by Dr. Fahd Abd Al Galil. Where he talked about the nature of plastic pollution and its excessive uses by humans. He also clarified the extent of the impact of plastic damage on society, the animals and plants environment on the different ecosystem.

In the second session, Dr. Omar Abdel Kafi presented a lecture entitled Radioactive Pollution and its Dangerous Effects on the Environment and Society.

In the third session, Dr. Yasser Fareed presented a lecture on the environment and society, in which he explained the importance of preserving the environment for the safety of society

On the second day of the Environment Week activities, three sessions were presented. started by Dr. Muhammad Daoud Al-Jubouri who gave a lecturer on desertification and its negative impact on the environment, and the lecturer gives a clear information on the causes of desertification, including logging, overgrazing and lack of interest in plantation and greenery area and its great negative impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hamdan Sultan Al-Shamiri gave a lecture on environmental pollution by electromagnetic waves and its direct and indirect effect on the individual and society.​

The activities of the second day of the Environment Week were ended with a session presented by Dr. Jamal Abdullah Al-Badri, who gave a talk on the Pollution with chemical pesticides. The talk was highlighted on the great impact of pesticides on the health of the individual as well as the society and on the different   ecosystems.​