Activities and Tasks of Scientific Research Deanship​​

  • Providing an innovative research environment for researchers from faculty and students.

  • Motivating creative talents to raise the level of scientific research outputs.

  • Improving the quality and quantity of scientific publications.

  • Strengthening the research partnership between the University and society in its various sectors.

  • Accomplishing the concept of integrity and ethics of scientific research.

  • Achieving cooperation and integration between all bodies concerned with scientific research at the University.

  • Activating global partnerships and international cooperation in the field of scientific research.

  • Awareness of various sources of funding for scientific research locally, regionally and globally.

  • Supporting/funding innovative and advanced applied scientific research.

  • Intellectual property protection and procedures for ensuring scientific integrity.​

Responsibilities and Roles of The Dean

According to Article (6) of the Unified Regulations for Scientific Research in Saudi Universities, the Dean of Scientific Research is responsible for managing the financial, administrative and technical affairs related to scientific research in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, In particular, he has the following Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Supervising the preparation of the annual research plan for the Deanship, and preparing the draft budget and the necessary reports to present in the Deanship Council for submission to the University higher administration for approval.

  • Disbursement from the research budget established within the limits of the delegated financial powers.

  • Technical and administrative supervision of the various activities of the Deanship, setting plans and work programs and monitoring their implementation.

  • Supervising the work of all research units/authorities associated with the Deanship of Scientific Research, observing their activities and assessing the performance.

  • Cooperate and coordinate with local research institutes and centers inside and outside the University, and communicate with foreign research institutions and centers for coordination to improve and develop the movement and technology of scientific research at the University.

  • Coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies in all its matters related to the completion of research for graduate students, and work to provide the potentials, facilities and research means to end their research, or scientific theses.

  • Permanent follow-up and work to provide the necessary financial resources to spend on research funded from the budget for scientific research or from entities outside the University.

  • Contract recommendations to the researchers, employees and technicians for specific periods on the budget of research projects supervised by the Deanship.

  • Evaluating the performance of the employees of the Deanship and submitting their periodic reports to the University administration.​