Strategic Plan

Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Bisha


The concept of scientific research has been linked globally with the progress and advancement of societies, and according to the 7 Ps Model, it is known that the outputs of scientific research are produced through research Projects that are based on good Planning in line with general Policies, after implementation, the outputs are graded in four stages: Start with the Publications as a first output, when scientific research is filled with creativity, the second output Patents is produced. Then this creativity is transformed into a physical image of innovations, to show the third output represented in Prototypes which in most cases is adopted by various sources of finance and investment to reach the fourth and final stage and these are the Products that translate to the slogan "Made in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia". The products play an important role in improving the rates of economic growth, which contributes to the gradual upgrading of societies, beginning with meeting needs and ending with the welfare of society.

In this context, the Deanship of Scientific Research has always endeavored to develop and modernize the infrastructure for scientific research at the University and to put in place the mechanisms to deepen the University's relationship with various sectors and institutions of society, in order to respond to its requirements and to find its needs, and to propose innovative solutions to its problems on the basis of science and technology and by activating the role of research partnerships between them, the society will also benefit from the capabilities and potentials of University employees in various disciplines as well as its various possibilities.

Believing in it, the Deanship of Scientific Research has strived to prepare its strategic plan by focusing on the pillars represented in three main axes, the first is consistency with the priorities of scientific research in the Kingdom according to its ambitious vision for the year 2030 AD, the second is adaptation to meet the needs of the community surrounding the university at different levels, starting from the Bisha governorate (the center) and then to the Asir region and then the southern region, and last but not least according to a conscious study of the potentials and capabilities of the University's employees as well as its various facilities. Then the research directions were developed based on these pillars and in light of a promising strategic vision that guides researchers on their various specializations to achieve sustainable development, solve societal problems and participate in enhancing the capabilities and capacities of national security, accordingly a highly qualified team was formed to build the strategic plan on this solid foundation.

The Deanship of Scientific Research has prepared that documents, outlining the stages of preparing the strategic plan according to the latest scientific methodologies, and that started with the formation of distinguished work teams, through a comprehensive monitoring of the Deanship's situation internally and externally and a good study of its competitive advantages, devoting all human and material capabilities, and the available and expected facilities of the University and the surrounding community, keeping in mind the needs of all beneficiaries, taking into account specific indicators to measure performance (20 sub-performance indicators that interconnected to the main performance indicators of the University's strategic plan (2017-2022 AD)), this led to draw the promising strategic features that ended with the proposal of strategic initiatives targeting the Deanship's activities during the next four years, by the willing of ALLAH.